Rules of Play (License# AGA-228851-09)

  1. All Bingo paper is controlled by serial numbers.
  2. Color and serial number of cards must match color and number being played.
  3. Maximum fifteen (15) second delay between numbers called.
  4. The first phone call received at the radio station with the potential bingo may not necessarily be the winner of that particular game. The winner of any game will be the person who has called in with a bingo in the least amount of numbers called for the particular game.
  5. Once the winner is phone verified, the bingo caller will announce three (3) TIMES "ANY MORE WINNERS", The caller then states the game is now closed. Phone lines will remain open for (30) minutes after game completion.
  6. Winners that have bingoed with the same amount of numbers called, the prize will be split among the winners. Minimum payout is $25.00.
  7. Players must have the following information ready when phoning in their bingo: (a) free space number (b)serial number at the top of the card (c) the card color (d) and the number on which they bingoed. Names must be spelled for the person on the phone and proper mailing address is required.
  8. Winners name, mailing address and phone number must be on the back of the winning card and returned by mail to: Valley Lions Radio Bingo, 1416 South Bishop Road, Coldbrook, N.S. B4R 1B7 for payment. VLRB does not accept faxed bingo cards. Do not cut your strips, mail in the winning card.
  9. Winner cheques will be mailed on receipt of winning card.
  10. Bingo players are responsible for their own reception. Valley Lions Radio Bingo is not responsible for privately owned equipment failures.
  11. Bingo cards not played due to technical difficulties occurring at the radio station during play will be exchanged on receipt of intact booklets upon the desecration of the Valley Lions Radio Bingo.
  12. Members of the Valley Lions Clubs and Staff at AVR are allowed to play. However Lions volunteers and AVR staff operating the bingo at the AVR studios site are not eligible to play.